[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China


[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China

Klaim pada
postingan tidak benar. Pertama, yang dinyanyikan oleh dua anak berkulit hitam
tersebut tidak seperti lagu kebangsaan Republik Rakyat Tiongkok/China. Kedua,
pemeriksa fakta di Afrika, yakni Africa Check, sudah memeriksa keabsahan
informasi tersebut dan menilai bahwa ada kekeliruan dalam informasi yang
tersebar. Kedua bocah tersebut, menurut Africa Check, tengah melakukan latihan
kuda-kuda beladiri yang disebut Ma Bu. Kuda-kuda itu merupakan kuda-kuda dasar
dalam beladiri China.


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Viral mendunia…

Mau anak cucu kita
kek gini ??

Kedua bocah Afrika
ini sedang dihukum dan dipaksa untuk bernyanyi lagu kebangsaan China. 😟😠

Negeri-negeri di
Afrika yg telah terjebak utang proyek infrastruktur China,

kini telah resmi
dijajah China.



Beredar video yang
menampilkan dua anak kecil berkulit hitam tengah meringis menangis sembari
menyanyikan lagu. Dalam narasi disebutkan bahwa kedua bocah itu berasal dari
Afrika dan tengah dipaksakan menyanyikan Lagu Kebangsaan China.

Berdasarkan hasil
penelusuran, diketahui bahwa klaim postingan itu tidak tepat. Sebab, ada
beberapa klaim yang tidak tepat. Pertama, nada nyanyian yang dinyanyikan oleh
kedua bocah tersebut ketika didengarkan berbeda dengan nada Lagu Kebangsaan
China. Dan, kedua, konten tersebut sudah diperiksa faktanya oleh Pemeriksa
Fakta dari lembaga Africa Check, lembaga pemeriksaan fakta di Afrika.

Berdasarkan hasil
pemeriksaan fakta dari Africa Check, diketahui klaim bahwa kedua bocah itu
disiksa dan dipaksa menyanyikan lagu tidak benar. Hasil penelusuran Africa
Check, diketahui bahwa kedua bocah tersebut tengah dalam posisi kuda-kuda dalam
ilmu beladiri China. Kuda-kuda itu disebut Ma Bu. Berikut penggalan
kutipan hasil periksa fakta tersebut:

[…] Children
are in martial arts stance

A glance through
the 4,000 replies to the tweet offers some early clues.

Users were quick
to point out that the video comes from an account on Douyin. (Note: It has
since been deleted.)The app, known as TikTok outside China, is used to create
and share videos.

The account’s name
非洲举牌祝福视频, Chinese for “African Blessing Video”.

A number of videos
posted on the account show children performing martial arts. In one video,
which is also on Twitter, a group of boys walk on their hands across the floor
of a large room. In other videos, children and men hold blackboards with
messages on them.

Africa Check asked
Marco Kavalier, the founder of The Chinese Martial Arts
and Health Centre in South Africa
, about the viral video of the boys

The pose they standing in is a basic stance called Ma
Bu, which is taught in most Chinese martial art schools,” he said.

The exercise – also
known as “horse stance” – is considered basic training. It is meant to teach
willpower, patience and muscle endurance.

The Chinese are hard on their martial art students
when teaching these systems. They condition their own kids with this extreme kind
of training,” said Kavalier.

Who filmed the

Africa Check found
an Instagram account with
非洲举牌创意祝福 (African
Blessings) in its bio. A video of children holding a blackboard with a message
is posted on the account.

The account lists
contact information for WeChat, a Chinese messaging app.

We called on the
help of Eoghan Sweeney, an open-source intelligence and verification trainer,
to follow this clue.

The WeChat accounts lead to a website that offers what
appear to be rather niche forms of advertising, including ‘Black African kids’
shouting or holding up your slogan or message,” said Sweeney.

The website says
they have more than 20 teams in Africa who can produce cheap videos of “African
kids”, “Russian beauty” and “mercenaries” holding a message of your choice.

Videos possibly
shot in Zambia or Malawi

But where was the
video of the two crying children filmed? We have a few guesses.

In 2017, there were
reports of a similar operation selling videos of children holding signs and
singing, in Zambia. But the style of the videos – including the children’s
clothes and the blackboard – do not match the posts from
非洲举牌祝福视频 (African Blessing Video).

We found more
videos linked to
非洲举牌祝福视频  (African Blessing Video) on a Chinese video
sharing website called Bilibili. In one of the videos, children stand behind a
pile of “Mother’s Pride Super Breakfast Meal”. This is produced by Zambian
company National Milling Corporation Limited.

Another video on
the account appears to have been shot in Malawi – Zambia’s eastern neighbour.

In it, a group of
children sit on the back of a truck and wave at a camera. Behind them is a
butchery with a number listed on a sign. This number was linked to a butchery
that was certified halaal by the Muslim Association of Malawi in 2015. It is
listed in an Excel spreadsheet as being located in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital.

Berdasarkan penelusuran
Africa Check tersebut, video itu bersumber dari aplikasi semacam Tiktok di
China, yakni Douyin. Dalam akun yang menampilkan video itu memang terlihat
beberapa postingan terkait kegiatan orang Afrika tengah latihan beladiri China.

Pakar beladiri
yang dimintai pendapat oleh tim pemeriksa fakta Africa Check pun menyatakan
bahwa kedua bocah itu terlihat tengah melakukan latihan kuda-kuda Ma Bu.

Marco Kavalier, Founder
The Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in South Africa, menjelaskan bahwa
kedua bocah dalam video itu memang terlihat tengah berlatih kuda-kuda Ma Ba.
Menurutnya, kuda-kuda itu lumrah diajarkan sebagai dasar di berbagai
beladiri asal China.

Selain itu,
Kavalier menambahkan, kuda-kuda itu memang diajarkan agar siswa beladiri asal
China dapat memahami pentingnya tekad, kesabaran, dan ketahanan otot. “Orang China
keras pada siswa seni bela diri mereka ketika mengajarkan sistem ini. Mereka
mengkondisikan anak-anak mereka sendiri dengan pelatihan ekstrem semacam ini,”
terang Kavalier.

Berikut kutipan
penjelasan mengenai kuda-kuda Ma Bu:

[…] To train Ma
Bu is the basic training of learning martial arts. Some call it zhan ma bu(to
stand on ma bu), zhan zhuang(to stand solidly like a pillar), di pen(to stand
firmly on the ground like a basin), or zhuang gong(the skill of standing
solidly like a pillar.) Ever since I have some idea of what martial arts is all
about, I have considered it a golden rule to train ma bu, something that cannot
be changed or a step that cannot be skipped, if you are serious about martial
arts. I have studied kung fu for several decades, and I have endured the
hardships of training ma bu, driven by the environmental factors and my own
will power. When I started to teach, I have seen some people sweat it out and
persevere, and yet still more people try to avoid the pain, or simply give up
the idea of taking up martial arts training. So through the observation and
experimentation during the teaching sessions, I spent a couple of years delving
into the further understanding and consolidated what I learned about ma bu.
Thus I hope I can help students overcome the obstacle, let more people benefit
from kung fu training and have some fun in the process.


All styles of kung
fu have ma bu, especially among traditional styles, it is very much emphasized.
I myself have suffered a lot from its training. In our Chang Hong system, we
further divide ma bu into the Chang Chuan Ma (northern ma bu) and Hong Chuan
Ma(southern ma bu.) What exactly are the functions of ma bu? Some pugilists in
the past consider it only a way to train muscular endurance. Indeed it is
basically correct to say ma bu can train the endurance abilities of muscles.
Human body is made up of skeleton and muscles. The application of power is
correlated to the endurance and tightening and loosening of muscles. But we
will not emphasize here in order not to lose sight of the more important and
fundamental aspect of Chi (breathing.)

Berdasarkan hal
tersebut, maka klaim dalam narasi postingan video tersebut tidak tepat. Oleh sebab
itu, maka konten tersebut masuk kategori False Context atau Konten yang




[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China
[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China
[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China
[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China
[SALAH] Viral Mendunia Dua Bocah Afrika Dihukum dan Dipaksa Bernyanyi Lagu Kebangsaan China

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